Things to Consider Before Becoming a Dentist

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Medicine is a profession that offers multiple disciplines to choose from. Not all the professions give you an opportunity to choose your desired discipline but medicine gives you a chance to choose anything you want. It is one of the highest paying professions in the world with job satisfaction and multiple career opportunities. The profession doesn’t limit you to one discipline, you can choose medicine and venture in different fields because you have all the right to make the decisions for yourself. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple disciplines to choose from and one of the leading disciplines in medicine is dentistry. It is among 5 highest paying medical disciplines. The money these dentists make varies from country to country.

Dr. Laurence Fendrich

Dr. Laurence Fendrich – Dentist, Writer

In developed countries, the dentists are paid really well, however, in developing countries, the dentists are usually underpaid or paid mediocre. Despite all the issues, the profession still remains one of the leading professions in the world. With all the perks and benefits that it brings along, there a few undesirable effects those need to be considered as well. Here are a few things you need to consider before becoming a dentist.

1) Huge Investment

Dental School is a huge investment and you should be completely sure before you enroll in a dental school. There are people who finish their dental school, get their diploma and drop it because they are no longer interested in the profession. Well, isn’t that a total waste of money? Dentistry is extremely expensive, you cannot become a dentist for free because it is extremely expensive like most of the medical disciplines. Average dental student graduates for around $250,000. The most expensive dental schools in the country will cost you around $500,000.

2) Time

It consumes a lot of time, believe us its a lot! In order to become a dentist, you have to study for about 7-8 years in medical school following your high school. It is not a requirement to have a bachelor’s degree to become a dentist, however, most of the medical schools in the country won’t accept your admission without your bachelor’s degree. After finishing your graduation from a university, you will enroll at a dental school. To get into a dental school you’ll have to pass a test and interview before you finally start your degree.


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