Managers Should Know These 3 Needs of Employees

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Every worker has a need and the employers have to adjust according to the needs of the employees. The employees don’t have to fulfil the needs of every employee because the demands of the employees can be unnecessary as well, however, there are a few needs of employees that have to be taken care of. The employers have to consider these needs of the employees and offer them the best environment accordingly. Every employee expects to be in a good environment in the workplace, they expect to get an environment that suits their personality, so the managers can identify different types of employees and give them different environments in the workplace. So, the managers have to put their knowledge to use to identify different types of workers and their needs. The managers can motivate the employees to work hard if they provide them with the desired environment. Motivated employees are needed in every business because they work for the business from the heart.

Dr. Laurence Fendrich

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Here are 3 most common needs of workers that an employer has to take care of.

1) Power

Some employees want a sense of power, they don’t want to work under compulsion because they want to lead the teams. They have leadership skills and want to practice their skills in the workplace. The managers should identify these workers and give them an opportunity to show their skills and lead a team. This can be done by forming a team and choosing a leader, the leader should be the person who wants a sense of power in the workplace.

2) Social needs

Some workers like to have a good relationship with their colleagues. They don’t like to work in a boring environment, they like to talk to people around them. They respect their peers and expect the same in return. These employees have social needs, they want to work in a cordial environment because they can’t work alone. The managers should never isolate them.

3) Balanced workload

The employees work for you but you should never force them to work more than their capacity. Make sure that you never force them to work.

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Managers Should Know These 3 Needs of EmployeesunratedDr. Laurence Fendrich2018-02-05 06:42:15Every worker has a need and the employers have to adjust according to the needs of the employees. The employees don’t have to fulfil the needs of ever…

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