Everything You Need To Do For Whiter Teeth

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Everyone loves white teeth and they are desired by everyone. It is not a difficult task as you can have whiter teeth without any issue by following simple tips. Before you go to your dentist for scaling and stuff, you can have them on your own by following the five mentioned steps. You will be amazed after observing the results by following the mentioned steps:

Baking soda and whiter teeth

Baking soda is not only useful for cooking purposes rather it is best when it comes to getting whiter teeth. Baking soda can be used as toothpaste and it must be used twice a week. In addition to it, it can be applied by using your fingertip and can be brushed with a toothbrush easily.

Laurence Fendrich DMD

Laurence Fendrich DMD – Dentist, Writer

Say no to alcohol or colored foods:

It is important to avoid things that are too strong in terms of color as they can leave stains on your teeth. In addition to it, this can affect the freshness of your mouth as well. In addition to yellow teeth, such foods or drinks can cause bad breath as well which is more embarrassing.

It is not recommended to stop the intake of such items. You can have them at times when you are not in a gathering or you do not have to greet anyone as it can leave a lasting impact. There are instant solutions to this too. You can chew mint chewing gum to get rid of such stains and bad breath. You can also chew cardamom to tackle any such situation.

Brush your teeth as soon as possible after food

Before you go to bed and once you get out of it is the time when you must brush your teeth. The food particles that remain in our mouth around the teeth are removed once we brush it right after taking our meal. It is important to brush it at night as the mouth dries while we sleep which activates the performance of bacteria.

Doing it in the morning is also important as this will help you in feeling fresher in the morning. Flossing is also recommended as it keeps your teeth protected from any hidden food particles stopping it to cause a cavity. You must know the brushing tips as brushing in the right way is effective enough.

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